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Wales Concordat - Scheduling Tool

This part of the Web-site is intended as a one-stop-shop to check what inspection, regulation and audit activities are planned for NHS trusts, Local Health Boards, NHS networks and registered private and voluntary healthcare providers in Wales. Information will be entered into the site and used by review bodies that are signatories to the Wales Concordat, though the information will also be used by service providers and can be accessed by the public.

Use of the Scheduling Tool will result in more co-ordinated inspection, regulation and audit of health and social care services in Wales and will improve information sharing between review bodies. This will support review bodies in their commitment to work together to improve health and social care and reduce unnecessary burdens on those who commission and deliver services.

Where reports of review activities are in the public domain, the expected date of publication will be shown and the report can be accessed from this site following that date. Some organisations carry out unannounced visits – details of these are only available to Concordat signatory staff registered site-users before the visit date but they will become viewable by all site users after the event has taken place.

Signatory organisations that carry out review activities that cross the England/ Wales border are requested to also consult the scheduling information for England.

Signatories have agreed to check this site before deciding on new activity and to co-ordinate new activity with any already planned. Contact details are provided so that individual activities can be discussed. The ‘contact us’ link can be used to ask questions about signatories, the Concordat or to provide feedback. Please let us know if you think activities are being scheduled without consulting this site or if you have ideas about how we can improve it.

Although this tool can be accessed by the public, its primary function is to assist reviewers in co-ordinating their activities. For this reason the remainder of this tool is in English only, although public reports are provided in English and Welsh when available.

Last updated: 20/06/2006